Hope Floats


Hope Hicks, White House communications director, announced that she was resigning Wednesday after holding down the unenviable position of managing Donald Trump for less than a year, the New York Times reports.

Hicks, a former model with zero prior political experience, joined the Trump campaign in 2016 and had reportedly been considering leaving the White House for some time—perhaps to launch a more lucrative and less stressful career shilling fit tea on Instagram. Per the Times, she said that “she had accomplished what she felt she could with a job that made her one of the most powerful people in Washington, and that there would never be a perfect moment to leave.”

Hicks has been in her position since August and her resignation was tendered just one precious day after she testified for eight hours to the House Intelligence Comittee about many things, including how she occasionally lies for the President but has never lied about Russia, okay?? Furthermore, Hicks has not mentioned what she’ll be doing after she leaves the White House nor has she mentioned when she’s leaving. It’s just happening. She’s leaving. Goodbye!

There are many sayings about hope—it floats, it springs eternal, it flies, and, in this case, it quit the White House!!!

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