Horrors: Teresa Giudice Has to Make Her Own Bed in Prison

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Former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Giudice is learning that life in the big house is no joke. Also, she is learning how to use a mop and a broom.

Guidice is serving a 15-month sentence at the Federal Correctional Institution in Danbury, Connecticut for fraud and failure to pay taxes. Radar Online reports that as part of her new life, Giudice is required to do chores on a daily basis, no exceptions:

The reality star and her fellow inmates are responsible for “making their bed in accordance with posted regulations before work call,” according to the document. And no weekends off: This includes “weekends and holidays when you leave the area.”
Giudice, 42, famously said on the show that it “skeeved” her out to live in homes where other people had lived. But she will now not only have to sleep where others have slept, but clean there too. The guide specifically details how in addition to making the bed, “Each inmate is also responsible for sweeping and mopping their cell floor, removing trash, and ensuring it is clean and sanitary.”


As Radar notes, if you’re hoping to see video or a picture of Giudice mopping up around prison, you might be out of luck. They report that prison workers have been banned from using cell phones on the job and will be fired if they leak any images of the ex-reality star to the media.


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