How to Boot Vile Troll Websites From Your Facebook NewsFeed


Is your Facebook NewsFeed cluttered with outraged links to disgusting websites peddling sexist, racist nonsense? Time for a little spring cleaning, ladies!

The blog TL;DR points out that Facebook now allows you to block a big chunk of content from websites that consistently drive you up the wall. (It’s not a brand new feature, but it hasn’t been very well publicized, either.) The next time you see something from the objectionable site, just click on the upper right-hand corner, select “Hide all from X.” Your nemesis is now out of your NewsFeed—kinda. I tested this out with the omnipresent BuzzFeed, and at least one headline still slipped through—it might be that it’s simply blocking content shared through the site’s Facebook page. Still, it made a big, big dent.

TL;DR offers the example of Upworthy, whose O M G headlines are the bane of many journalists’ existence. However, the ideal use case for Jezebel’s readers is likely Return of Kings, a steaming cow patty that deserves to be ignored until it disappears into the earth.

“But, but, echo chamber!” you say. Whatever. You’ve got your blood pressure to think about. Sure, keep Fox News and the National Review and, hell, The Blaze, but do yourself a favor and just block the outright bottom-feeding trolls. Give yourself the gift of a Facebook NewsFeed that’s mostly stories about cute animals.

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