How Will Meghan McCain Remind Us Who Her Dad Is Now That She's Leaving The View?

McCain and her hair are set to announce their departure from the show Thursday morning

How Will Meghan McCain Remind Us Who Her Dad Is Now That She's Leaving The View?
Image:Robin Marchant (Getty Images)

My fellow daytime TV watchers, we have reached a monumental day in this country’s history. After years of rambling unrelated stories about John McCain, and a few months of hairstyles that looked like rejected mannequin heads from a Vidal Sassoon training school, Meghan McCain is finally leaving The View. A moment of silence for the brave souls who attempted to listen to and make sense of her absolute nonsense. According to Page Six, McCain is leaving of her own volition despite having two years left on her contract with ABC, She is, according to the report, “adamant” that her time on the show has come to a close.

Looking back on McCain’s time with the ladies of The View I have but a single fond memory of her in the four years that she has been bickering with Joy Behar. One time, she said something agreeable. That’s it. It was a beautiful, fleeting moment overshadowed by all the times McCain chose to be willfully racist and ignorant and called it being conservative. But perhaps it was not as beautiful as the time Whoopi Goldberg embodied the spirit of thousands of viewers and told her co-host plainly, “Shut up.”

Another great moment in McCain’s View history is when Elizabeth Warren was on the show and instead of engaging as most people are compelled to do with McCain’s passive-aggressive comments, Warren simply ignored her and talked to people who actually knew how to form words. Indeed, McCain’s career is bursting with lowlights which I will erase from my mind the second she tells her coven at the big desk that she is leaving. By way of a farewell, there’s really only one thing fitting to say about Meghan McCain. Thanks for the memories even though they weren’t so great.

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