​Human Ken Doll To Release His Own Plastic Doll Line


A Human Ken Doll hailing from Brazil will be releasing his own line of Ken-like dolls because the world as we know it is one giant Nitzschean/Kafkaesque tragicomedy: human, inspired by plastic, inspires plastic.

Celso Santebanes is a 20-year-old Brazilian model who has dropped £30,000 (or $50,470.50 USD) to become a replica of his hero, Ken. Like Ken the Doll—Barbie’s Beau. Celso, who has been a fan and collector of the dolls since childhood, embarked on his surgical transformation after winning a modeling competition at age 16. Via Metro:

The 20-year-old model and actor Celso Santebanes has had four operations on his nose, chin and jaw, as well as silicone implants in his chest in order to resemble Barbie’s boyfriend.
And the Brazlian – who even ‘behaves like a puppet’ – is now releasing his own ‘Celso doll’.
‘I went to the city to become a model, I never expected to have a toy myself,’ he said.
‘I imagined to be a human puppet, but one done with my image was something unexpected.’

The toy will be released in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and you know what? Good for him. That Human Ken sure knows how to hustle and get what’s his. Apparently Celso charges up to £10,000 for a VIP appearance and is currently in talks for a reality show and an ad campaign for an unnamed fashion house—something I will believe when I see. But something I do believe is that he really wants to meet the Russian Human Barbie Valeria Lukyanova and join forces, maybe romantically, maybe literally for that looming end-of-times Human Barbie war.

Image via Celso Santebanes‘ Instagram.

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