Idiotic Reality Show to 14-Year-Old Contestant: Get Plastic Surgery!


Apparently now 14-year-olds need plastic surgery and those of us over age 20 are basically walking Crypt Keepers with rotting skin and eyes popping out of our sockets. I guess we won’t be needing costumes this Halloween!

Shimali De Silva, a 14-year-old Australian girl who made it to the finals on South Korean reality show K-Pop Star Hunt, was told by one of the show’s plastic surgeons that she looks like she’s 30. I remember being 14, and 30 might as well have been 75. Point is: OUCH.

De Silva told the South China Morning Post:

We weren’t told what we were doing, but we quickly caught on, flicking through the catalogues of eyes, noses and boobs.
The doctor brought out this terrible mugshot and said to me, ‘You’re 14, but you look 30′. He pointed out the curvature of my forehead, the ratio of my nose to my chin, all this stuff that I hadn’t even thought about.
I was trying not to be affected by it, but as a 14-year-old, people tell you that the way you look is important if you want to break into this industry; that sunk in and I started tearing up.

As you can tell by the video above, Silva is a perfectly lovely and talented girl, and this guy is obviously a jackhole who needs to make kids feel like shit to earn his humiliating living.

To this bit of business I say: 1. Go fuck yourself, guy. and 2. Silva, you are perfect and must keep rocking in the free world.

[YouTube, South China Morning Post, The Gloss]

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