"I'm a Mrs." Package Makes It Easier To Take Your Husband's Name


A Canadian company has developed a package to help brides fill out the paperwork necessary to change their last names, should they choose to do so.

According to the product website, “I’m a Mrs.” was created by two best friends “as a result of the quest for the perfect shower gift.” The standard package sells for $29.95 Canadian dollars and includes copies of government forms needed to change your name. But, if “you’re proud of your new name and you want it on that gym card, on your subsciptions and store cards, as well as on all the official necessaries,” it’s best to go with the $49.95 premium package, which also includes “notification letters for financial companies, and the required documentation for a name change with utility companies, mortgage companies, loyalty programs, fitness centers, medical organizations and more.” The company does not currently offer a package for men, so hyphenating husbands will have to fend for themselves. [Inventor Spot]

[Image via Stock Exchange.]

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