I'm Inspired by Rihanna Taking Out the Trash in Heels and Diamonds

I'm Inspired by Rihanna Taking Out the Trash in Heels and Diamonds
Image:Isabel Infantes/AFP (Getty Images)

When I have to take the garbage out, I am usually dressed in whatever clothing was available to me at the moment the stench of the trash made its presence known. This is fine for normal people, but not for Rihanna, who has once again moved me towards careful consideration of my wardrobe.

Photographed by Gray Sorrenti for the cover of Harpers Bazzaar, here is Rihanna, doing an updated version of Elaine Stritch’s signature look—leotard, shirt, tights, no pants—taking out the trash.

The article that accompanies these photographs is largely a write-around of the singer, tied to a nod to her recently-released skincare line. That’s all well and good, but I’d rather focus on Rihanna’s garbage-day attire, which is inspiring in more ways than one.

As someone who has publicly denigrated the kitten heel as an impractical shoe, I am now reconsidering my previous thoughts in light of these Schiaparelli pink mules, which are not quite a kitten heel, but not a stiletto either. They are boudoir shoes worn outside of the boudoir, which could be said for any of my inside shoes that now enjoy their moments of freedom in the sun every now and again. I appreciate the gloves as a nod to both glamour and also personal safety, and the sunglasses at night are not just a flex, but practical: not a single person needs to see your eyes and the evidence of what you’ve been doing in quarantine after dark! The shirt has a message, also very good. The necklace is likely a loaner, but I’d like to think that everything else is truly what Rihanna has been wearing in quarantine, as she swans about her house, bumping up against the walls like a shiny, iridescent housefly, yearning to be free.

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