Is Camille Grammer A Victim Of Bravo's Asshole Edit?


Camille Grammer has accused Bravo of victimizing her with bad editing. But how much can they invent?

Recently, Top Chef All Stars’ Jamie Lauren tweeted,

And the thing is, she’s not wrong. I mean, when you think about it, the woman’s biggest crimes have been cutting her finger and cooking some crunchy chickpeas, yet we’ve seen every sour reaction shot, every negative comment and the particularly uncomfy scene of her staring blankly at the camera and intoning, “I have no desire to have kids. Ever.” which could have been funny under the right circumstances and instead made her look like a sour misanthrope.

And while her tweeted contention that she “must have done something to piss the producers off” seems far-fetched — every show has a “villain,” after all — she’s clearly, to a degree, a victim of editing. But, as she tweeted more philosophically, “those are the risks you take by going on tv I guess…”

Then there’s Camille Grammer, who recently made a similar claim. As she told OK,

I’m very disappointed in my character. They’ve turned me into a villain and I’m not like that. It’s not me. I can’t even watch myself. I don’t know why they [the producers] are doing that. I guess they needed that character.

And, yes, she’s not being shown in a good light. But at the same time, the producers do work with what they have. (Which makes the following clip all the more ironic.)

What’s more, when you read Camille’s blog (which I don’t particularly recommend unless you have a far greater interest in the Camille-Kyle “she-said-in-New-York” feud than the average bear) it’s clear that she still just feels misunderstood…you get the sense that if the Bravo boards hadn’t been flooded with passionately negative responses, she wouldn’t have much objected to the portrayal. Since, on her blog, she basically reiterates all the same stuff.

Look, the fighting’s incredibly petty and they’re (mostly) all jerks, but to blame editing for her total portrayal seems disingenuous indeed. Not least because Lisa, the most reliable of the cast, said this: “Personally, I feel that the show is very accurate. They shoot enough footage that they’re going to really portray you how you really are.” Of course, that’s easy to say when you come off as practically sage by comparison.

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