Is Taylor Swift Lost?


No: Taylor Swift, “Archer” – I don’t hate this song, nor do I think there is anything particularly objectionable about it. In fact, I still think no one writes a bridge like Taylor Swift, and that’s when she drops my fave lyrical line in “The Archer”: “They see right through me/Can you see right through me?/I see right through me.” However, the song is lost, to the point where most people I spoke to at the end of this week forgot she released a song in the first place. This is undeniably the result of Jack Antonoff production. He needs to stop. —Maria Sherman

No, but I did laugh: The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM feat. Lennon Stella, “Takeaway” – This song is so smooth and slick, it’ll slip straight out of your mind as soon as it’s done playing, much like the image of the hideously modern and ultimately lifeless building in New York City’s Hudson Yards its meant to advertise: the Vessel. I actually watched and listened to the whole thing—I’ve loved Lennon Stella since her role in Nashville, and I doubt I’ll ever actually go to the Vessel, so it was nice to see it in High Def—but I don’t suggest you do the same. —MS

Yes: Black Belt Eagle Scout, “My Heart Dreams” – Black Belt Eagle Scout, project of Pacific Northwesterner/indigenous woman/feminist hero Katherine Paul, is one of my favorite indiepop songwriters of late, in the vein of Palehound or Jay Som—tight, soft vocals placed high in the mix, competing with and complimenting an anxious guitar riff. “My Heart Dreams” is the perfect tune to ease into your weekend, and the video is really sweet, too—according to a statement provided to Stereogum, the extras and girls who portray the band are “members of the Portland Two Spirit Society, a special group of LGBTQ Indigenous and Native American/Alaska Natives and the Portland All Nations Canoe Family.”

“The idea behind this video was to do something fun while showing the resilience of the Indigenous people, particularly women and girls, which is why I chose to have the Black Belt Eagle Scout band be portrayed by young Indigenous girls,” Paul wrote in the statement, “In an age where Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) are finally getting the attention they deserve, it’s important to make their strength visible. The justice around MMIW is something we should all be paying closer attention to and I hope my platform serves to heighten awareness.” I anticipate it will. —MS

Lol, kind of?: Kesha, “Best Day” – This is obviously children’s music, but beyond that, I love a hallucinogenic and hyperactive pop banger, so this speaks to me. Is this the kind of unregulated optimism Taylor Swift’s “Me” was aiming for? If so, look no further. This is purposefully silly, instituted with care. —MS

Y: Residente and Bad Bunny, “Bellacoso” – In celebration of summer and Puerto Rico’s historic win this week, these two grandes released the soundtrack to the weekend’s consensual perreo scene. Paired with a beautifully inclusive video that is refreshingly reflective of the tapestry of Latinx people, the song is a reminder of Residente’s classic reggaeton days in Calle 13 and the first release of his upcoming album. I, for one, highly favor this type of reggaeton—savage and thoughtful bars layered on a clean sultry beat that it doesn’t hide behind but instead compliments. “Bien bien bien bellacoso.” Here for it. —Ecleen Luzmila Caraballo

Yes: DIIV, “Skin Game” – Indie-rock band DIIV and their record label, Captured Tracks, have been hinting at new material for weeks now, and they finally delivered Wednesday with a new track called “Skin Game.” Does it fill me with next level excitement? Well, no, but it didn’t need to. “Skin Game” doesn’t deviate much from what one would expect from DIIV by now: A solid shoegaze track with some post-punk revival notes and barely decipherable vocals. But there’s something about the song that does feel a little lighter than the standard DIIV fare. You can even kind of understand what they’re saying now! Maybe this slight sonic shift is a nod toward DIIV lead singer Zachary Cole Smith’s addiction recovery. Maybe they just felt bogged down by all the reverb. Whatever it is, it’s good. —Ashley Reese

Haha, it’s cute: Mason Ramsey, “On My Way” – Mason Ramsey, best known for yodeling in Walmart and stealing the show on the latest “Old Town Road” remix, released a very sweet song about appreciating his catapult to fame and staying humble. It’s cute! Good for him! —AR

Yes: Lizzo, “Tempo” feat. Missy Elliott (video) -Lizzo goes full Yeehaw in this video and corrals a circle of twerking backup dancers while more women bounce mid-air, off cars with hydraulics. They look like queens of an extremely lit (and I don’t mean lighting) parking lot. —Clover Hope

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