Is This the Modern Woman's Perfect Bikini Wax?


Though all possible ways to feel about pubic hair have already been exhaustedly outlined, it appears that all possible options for ways to actually groom one’s own pubic hair have not. Enter: “the full-bush Brazilian.”

As dubbed by Maureen O’Connor of The Cut, a “full-bush Brazilian” aka a modern woman’s ideal bikini wax consists of leaving the pubic mound unwaxed but the undercarriage fully waxed. While O’Connor is not the first to notice that this is A Thing, she did speak to some waxers who say they’ve seen a noticeable increase in customers requesting the style as of late. O’Connor has also definitely added a multitude of new ways to describe this style to the lexicon, which now includes “the normcore of pubes,” “the betweeny™ wax” at Bliss, a “modified” Brazilian bikini wax, “a pubic reverse mullet of pubes” or just plain “‘having it all’ with pubes.”

Why Having It All? Because having it all is really about looking as though you’re floating through life totally effortlessly while really putting tons and tons and work into everything. Or less pessimistically, because it lets you have your cake and eat it too i.e. be both waxed and unwaxed at the same time.

A few anonymous staffers for a women’s publication you may or may not be reading right now agree with O’Connor’s sources, who argued that waxing just the ass crack and around the labia of one’s body makes sense: some consider the work done around those areas the most pain-free part of getting a bikini wax. But ultimately, this is a sex thing:

Who gets the full-bush Brazilian? I asked this of Jola Borzdynski as I lay without pants atop a sheet of paper on a tiny bed at her salon, Audrey. “Girls with hippie boyfriends,” she said. “Hippies with porny sex lives, who need to be hairless for licking,” I concluded.

Whether you’re considering a change in style or are wondering why we’re all so late to a look that you’ve been rocking forever, take comfort in the fact that the ultimate expert in all things sex has already weighed in on this issue:

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