Is Wendy Williams Okay?

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Is Wendy Williams Okay?
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I am asking this out of genuine concern for Mrs. How You Doin’, pictured above looking just fine, I suppose—should I believe the testimony of former show DJ, DJ Boof, who apparently thinks we should be worried about Wendy Williams?

On Friday’s show, Williams was apparently more out of it than she normally is (no shade, just facts). I did not watch the program but after reading the following description of what happened, I am not quite worried about Williams per se, just my curiosity is piqued.

On Friday’s show, Williams lost focus mid-conversation and paused awkwardly several times as her producer, Norman Baker, tried to keep the conversation on track. During the Hot Topics segment, she became obsessed with the Shoe Cam music, called Adele “Ho-dele,” unwrapped a hard candy before putting it back down and then stood up mid-sentence to show off her outfit.

Okay. My professional assessment is that this doesn’t really seem out of the ordinary for Wendy Williams, but fans were apparently concerned enough to comment on the show’s YouTube page, saying that maybe Wendy should take some more time off, even though she is freshly returned from a hiatus, having taken two months off to seek further treatment for her Graves disease. I do not want to be insensitive to Williams’ plight, but of the activities documented above, the only thing that seems untoward only because it’s slightly unsanitary is the bit with the hard candy. Everything else? That’s so Wendy! [Us Weekly]

Timothée Chalamet, a small man with floppy hair that some people love and other people do not, voted early in New York City over the weekend. While he was waiting on line at Madison Square Garden to cast his lil’ vote, his friend (?) Selena Gomez (?) called him on Instagram so they could go live and talk about the importance of voting.

This entire conversation doesn’t feel forced, and even if I discover in a week that this was part of a guerilla marketing campaign to get out the vote to Selenators or whatever, I will not care! Please vote, if only because Timmy and Selener have done so, and you don’t want to be left out. [Dazed]

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