Issa Rae Really Hates the Dudes of LA


Issa Rae, the beloved star and creator of The Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, has finally finished writing her highly anticipated pilot for her collaboration with Shonda Rhimes I Hate LA Dudes. As it turns out, the title isn’t just eye-catching and funny, but, as Rae told Vulture in an interview promoting Awkward Black Girl‘s season two finale, a sentiment she fully relates to:

I really do hate them. I hate the guys. I hate the mentality they have. Everyone’s so chillaxed, the way they speak and carry themselves. They’re very much laid-back in the sense that they feel like they don’t have to pursue you. Especially this generation, they don’t really court women anymore.

As for whether she’ll star in the I Hate LA Dudes series — which they’re currently pitching to cable networks — Rae doesn’t know. “It’s too soon to say, I have no idea,” she told the website. “Would I star in it … um, I didn’t write it for me. But I wouldn’t mind. It’s hard to say.”

Of course, as can be expected of any interaction with a young female writer, especially one who succeeds so well in addressing race, the conversation eventually turned to that other show about awkward women in their twenties. Rae says:

I’m definitely fascinated and amused by [Girls]. I’ve seen every episode. I do love [Lena Dunham’s] voice. I do agree with the fact that there could be more diversity, but I think that’s the fault of the network, HBO, rather than Lena’s. Sometimes I can relate. Sometimes I can’t and am just looking at them like animals in a zoo. Either way, I’m watching.

Maybe HBO could make up for their diversity problem — seriously, how long can they expect to coast on The Wire? — by picking up and developing I Hate LA Dudes and then giving Issa Rae whatever else she wants because she’s awesome and deserves it.

The rest of the interview — which includes some very cute anecdotes about Pharrell — is well worth a read.

Issa Rae on Awkward Black Girl, Her Shonda Rhimes Show, and Hating L.A. Guys [Vulture]
Image via Issa Rae’s website.

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