It Got Ugly At The Grammys. Really Ugly.


There was a mysterious, horrible similarity to many of last night’s getups – as if a first-year costume student had outfitted all the stars for a glam-rock interpretation of Kiss of the Spider Woman:

Ciara gets points for creativity, coverage, and lots of visually interesting texture.

Nadeea, meanwhile, surely gets the prize for economy.

Sun does the delicate, feminine version of the look.

Socialite Roberta Armani was like, “ooh, like hers – but can you make it in bloomers?!”

And then there’s Britney. Britney, Britney, Britney. She’s like the leader of the worst modern dance troupe in the history of the world.

Myra manages to suggest the spirit of a danger ahead sign!

I never thought I’d be glad to see…well, anything about Muck Sticky’s getup.

Or that Phoebe Price could be the most demure woman on a page.

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