It's Going to Be Lonely in That Castle, Bitch!

It's Going to Be Lonely in That Castle, Bitch!

Less than a week after makeup mogul—and to borrow a phrase from my colleague Joan Summers, “occasional super-villain”—Jeffree Star posted a thirty-six minute house tour on his YouTube channel, viewers have begun to suspect that he and his long-term boyfriend Nathan Schwandt have called it quits after five years of dating, Page Six reports. The video is far too long to justify watching, but just know that the couple recently relocated to a $14.6 million dollar home in Hidden Hills, California. Star refers to it as a “castle,” but no chateau is has ever been this gaudy. And that’s saying something.

The news arrives after Star canceled his forthcoming European masterclass tour in collaboration with another makeup artist, MMMMitchell, and in partnership with Tatti Lashes on Tuesday. According to Paper, Tatti Lashes released the following statement: “It is with a heavy heart that we must regretfully inform you that due to unforeseen personal reasons, Jeffree Star is unable to travel to Europe to take part in the upcoming ‘Jeffree Star x MMMMitchell Masterclass tour presented by Tatti Lashes.’” MMMMitchell posted on his Instagram story, clarifying that “basically we’ve had to cancel the masterclass tour with Jeffree for now, due to some unforeseen circumstances that really can’t be helped on Jeffree’s side, he’s just not able to come to the UK,” adding that, “I feel so many emotions because I feel so upset that the tour’s not going ahead, but I also feel upset because my friend’s upset. The worst part is that it really can’t be helped and these feelings that Jeffree is feeling, I wish that I could just make them go away.”

It’s pretty cryptic, which is probably why Star stans jumped the gun and think it’s big breakup news. The couple did meet on Instagram in 2014, which doesn’t bode well for relationship longevity, but neither party has commented on the rumors. If it does prove to be true, then that damn castle is going to feel pretty empty, huh?

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