It's Margot Robbie's Turn to Possibly Play Barbie


On Friday, the Hollywood Reporter broke the news that Margot Robbie is in talks to star in the Mattel-Warner Bros. partnership that will one day I suppose produce a Barbie movie.

In 2014, when Mattel was still working with Sony on the project, it was announced that Amy Schumer would star in the Barbie movie, but the actor dropped out a few months later, officially due to “scheduling conflicts.” Then it was reported that Anne Hathaway would be Barbie, but that didn’t work out either.

When Schumer was still on board, the film was said to “put a contemporary feminist spin on the iconic doll with an emphasis on body image and identity.”

Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins is, according to TNR, “circling the Warners project” but “no substantive talks have taken place.”

All of these potential Barbie movies sound bad, the trick is to pick just one to make! Barbie’s story must be told. I hope it is called I, Barbie.

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