Jacobs & Martone Split; Katy Perry's $2,500 Jimmy Choos Light Up

  • Marc Jacobs and his fiancé, Lorenzo Martone, are reported to have broken up. Jacobs flew solo last Tuesday at the wedding of his business partner, Robert Duffy. [NYPost]
  • Duffy and his husband, Alex Cespedes, made the Times‘ weddings section. [NYTimes]
  • Colombian model and celebrity Lina Marulanda has died, apparently by suicide. She jumped from the balcony of her sixth floor apartment. In November of last year, 20-year-old Korean model Daul Kim was found hanged in her boyfriend’s apartment in Paris; in May, also in Paris, 28-year-old model and Spider-Man 3 actress Lucy Gordon was found dead, also by hanging. In November, 2008, 26-year-old Canadian model Hayley Kohle died after falling seven stories from the balcony of her agency-run apartment in Milan, and her death was ruled a suicide. So, too, was the June, 2008, death of 20-year-old Kazakh model Ruslana Korshunova, who was killed by the fall from her New York apartment’s balcony. In February, 2008, former Yves Saint Laurent muse and France’s Next Top Model host Katoucha Niane‘s body was fished out of the Seine. No foul play was suspected in her death. In addition, on the same day that Kohle died, American male model Randy Johnston was found dead of an accidental heroin overdose in London. [HuffPo]
  • Matthew Williamson has designed a $1,500 caftan to herald the launch of a new grapefruit flavored vodka. [WWD]
  • The editor of the JC Report is reporting exclusively that Giles Deacon is to be the next creative director of Ungaro. May he do better than Lindsay Lohan. (The news has not been confirmed by the brand.) [@Jcreportglobal]
  • Meanwhile, Ungaro men’s designer Franck Boclet is leaving the brand. Women’s wear designer Estrella Archs resigned last week. [DFR]
  • Danny Glover‘s activism (and Hugo Boss‘s piss-poor showing on the red carpet this past season) must have had an effect. The company is keeping its Cleveland plant open. [WKSU]
  • The waiting list for a Birkin is no more. Go recession! [SheFinds]
  • K Mart made sure to have some publicity stills of Disney starlet Selena Gomez‘s smiling visage hovering above a sheaf of clothing sketches. She designed her line all herself, kids! [TS]
  • Francisco Costa is denying the report, last week, from a modeling agent who works with the Calvin Klein creative director, that he only wants to see size 2-4 girls instead of size 0 ones. “We have really no rules, you know,” said Costa. However: “What I’m trying to do is cast models who are a little bit closer to my reality, a person who goes to my store. The reaction is really to emphasize the customer, the need for the clothes to have that immediate sort of emotion to those who would buy it.” [The Cut]
  • “I look at these pictures now and I still am sort of shocked that they became so legendary. For me, it was just a huge job I went to after school at 3 o’clock. The one with my leg up, I just remember my arm hurting. You can’t plan on being iconic.” — Brooke Shields, on that Calvin Klein shoot. [NYPost]
  • Christy Turlington‘s documentary about maternal health — and one Peruvian community’s success in avoiding preventable deaths from common childbirth complications, like haemorrhages — premiered this weekend at the Tribeca Film Festival. [Reuters]
  • She says: “Giving birth is a universal experience, but when resources are lacking it can be very daunting. The film is about rights — and the lack of rights — for many women around the world. If half a million men were dying every year, someone would take notice!” [DFR]
  • The Times of London has picked up the story of Naomi Campbell‘s (alleged) receipt of a blood diamond as a special gift from former Liberian president/current war crimes accused Charles Taylor. There is no new information from Campbell or the war crimes prosecutors who want her to testify about the diamond. [ToL]
  • Says Ashley Graham, the plus-size model whose Lane Bryant ad has generated so much controversy, “It’s a bit prejudiced. I mean, the Victoria’s Secret girls can flounce around in their panties all day long, But when there’s a bigger woman, with a little bit extra, they snip it out immediately.” [Gothamist]
  • Meanwhile, another Australian model is talking about certain of industry practices that inevitably get described as “the seedy underbelly of the modeling world.” Of course, she’s doing it only after her retirement, for fear of retribution. [News.com.au]
  • Gisele Bundchen says — shocker — she and her husband Tom Brady knew they were going to get married at some earlier time in their relationship, because they were in love and talked about marriage. [Boston Herald]
  • A lot of models have to work out to stay so thin. Imagine! Also, the Times is re-using headlines. [T]
  • eBay has added the requisite “celebrity fashion stylist” to its lineup. The online auction site is trying to give itself a more fashionable image. [WWD]
  • “Sex is great. You should have it. Just not with everyone.” Says Daisy Fuentes. Because then. You’d be. Like a total. Slut. [CNN]
  • Some think that harvesting fur from the nutria, a voracious and environmentally destructive rodent, may be an “ethical”-yet-fashionable move. [VF]
  • No longer founder and president of Jimmy Choo, Tamara Mellon shall henceforth be referred to as founder and chief creative officer of Jimmy Choo. [WWD]
  • Katy Perry wore a pair of the brand’s $2,500 light-up shoes to a party. [NYPost]
  • L’Occitane confirmed it is planning an IPO for Hong Kong. The French brand, which is owned by an Asian-based parent company, intends to sell about 25% of itself, for a total of up to around $700 million. [WWD]
  • The owner of Rigby & Peller, the maker of the Queen‘s bras (and some of Lady Gaga‘s) is retiring. [Daily Mail]
  • Project Runway 7 winner Seth Aaron Henderson plans to establish his own line, at different price points, so there’ll be something for everyone, in all the department stores and boutiques everywhere, but he doesn’t have a manufacturer yet, blah blah blah. [LATimes]
  • Prada, Marni, Donna Karan, and Yves Saint Laurent are among the fashion houses to experiment with online-only short films as ads. Even though some of them don’t advertise on television. [WSJ]
  • Dolce & Gabbana face David Gandy warms down from his exercise bouts by lying on a bed of nails. Are male models the new Chuck Norris? [ToL]
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