Jane Birkin's Okay With the Birkin Bag Being Called the Birkin Bag Again


In July, Jane Birkin told Hermés she wanted her named taken off Birkin Bags made with crocodile skins, as she’d learned from a PETA exposé that the company had been mistreating crocodiles at the farm they sourced the materials for the bags from.

Hermés quickly said they were fixing the issue, though they denied that the farm was owned by them or that the crocodile skins there were used to make Birkin bags. But in a new statement, the company went further, saying that despite all that, they’ve fixed those issues. From The Guardian:

Hermès said on Friday it had identified an “isolated irregularity” in the slaughter process at a crocodile farm in Texas and had warned the farm it would cease any relations should it continue to neglect its recommended procedures.
“Jane Birkin has advised us that she is satisfied by the measures taken by Hermès,” the company said in a statement. Birkin could not immediately be reached for comment.

All’s well that ends well, I suppose. You can go back to continuing to not buy this insanely expensive bag now.

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Images via Pacific Coast News

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