Jenelle Relives (First) Arrest On Teen Mom 2 Finale


I’ve figured out what’s wrong with most of the kids on Teen Mom 2—none of them watch Judge Judy, and thus haven’t learned from her infinite wisdom. On last night’s finale, parents behaved inappropriately at a custody mediation, one mother inadequately dealt with the father of her child trespassing on her property, another mother was arrested for breaking and entering and marijuana position then bailed her boyfriend out of jail and worst of all we actually watched someone cosign on a loan.

While Leah and Corey had a happy storyline with their camouflage-themed wedding, Chelsea’s leopard print-themed birthday party for her daughter was dampened after her abusive ex-boyfriend (the author of the worst text message in the history of the world) who entered her house without permission, yelled at her and then tossed his daughter’s belongings around haphazardly while looking for his car crap. Although she said she was scared, she didn’t call the cops or even ask him to leave. What’s infuriating is that according to the sneak peak of next week’s reunion special, Chelsea and Adam are back together.

And then there’s Kailyn and Jo, who are doing the right thing by going to mediation and getting a custody agreement legalized in writing. However, after their meeting with the mediator, the two began verbally jabbing each other via their baby, saying things to him like, “Your father’s an asshole.” “Your mother’s a bitch.” Jo has since been arrested for being under the influence of marijuana while driving.

And speaking of arrests, of course there’s Jenelle, who went out with a bang last night after she was arrested along with her boyfriend Keiffer. She explains the incident, in the clip above, on her way home from jail. Her mother allowed her to move back home on the condition that she never see Keiffer again. However, only a few days later she bailed him out of jail with the help of a friend who actually cosigned on the $2000 bond—like an idiot.

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