Jennifer Lopez Got Emotional While Accepting (Checks Notes)…an MTV Movie Award

The multi-hyphenate treated us to a "different kind of list of thank yous" at Sunday's awards show in Los Angeles.

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Jennifer Lopez Got Emotional While Accepting (Checks Notes)…an MTV Movie Award

Jennifer Lopez delivered a standout dramatic performance while picking up up a lifetime achievement award at Sunday’s MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles. She cried. Her chin trembled. She apologized for being so emotional but then reasoned that, “You guys know me,” and thus should expect such a display at this point.

One one hand it’s like: Wow, what a grateful person. How nice and charming as usual. On the other hand it’s like: You’re holding a brass popcorn (size small). If someone handed her a Golden Globe, would she get so overwhelmed that she’d pass out?

An on another, inexplicably present, third hand, it’s like: Really, girl, it’s this deep?



Here’s a partial list of the people (and concepts) Lopez ticked off her “different kind of” thank you list for receiving this year’s Generation Award:

  • “All the people who gave me this life”
  • “The people who gave me joy”
  • “The ones who broke my heart”
  • “The ones who were true”
  • “The ones who lied to me”
  • “True love”
  • “The way that I lied to myself” (“Because that’s how I knew I had to grow”)
  • “Disappointment and failure” (“For teaching me to be strong”)
  • “My children for teaching me to love”
  • “All the people who told me to my face or when I wasn’t in the room that I couldn’t do this”
  • “The fans who saw the movies”

At the end of her speech, she shouted out “Ben [Affleck] and everybody at home,” instructing them to wait for dinner as she’d be home by 7. She’d probably have to hustle to get out of that auditorium in a timely manner, but I’d expect nothing else from a workhorse who provided a performance of a lifetime while accepting a lifetime achievement honor at the MTV Movie & TV Awards.

Other winners of prestigious golden popcorn trophies Sunday night included Tom Holland (Best Performance in a Movie) and Zendaya (Best Performance in a Show). Their respective projects, Spider-Man: No Way Home and Euphoria, also won (for Best Movie and Best Show).

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