Jerk Reporter Annoyed at Tamron Hall for Talking About Sister's Death


MSNBC’s Tamron Hall hasn’t spoken much about the murder of her sister who died as a result of domestic violence, but during a Television Critics Association panel yesterday morning, she opened up about the horrible incident, explaining how she wished she would have noticed the signs that her sister was in danger sooner and pushed for more investigation into her death. It was a powerful moment for almost everyone in the room — excluding one plucky (idiotic) reporter who asked that she stop yammering about her murdered family member already and get back on topic.

There is no video that shows the rude exchange from the panel, but that’s the thing about something happening in a room full of journalists — things get reported anyway.

According to various press sources, Hall was asked by Philadelphia TV critic Jonathan Storm (identified by The Wrap) about how she plans to juggle her time between NBC News and her Discovery show Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall. In her response, Hall explained why the Discovery crime show was so important to her by relaying a personal story of how when her own sister was found dead in a pool, police originally referred to the death as an accident until finally one detective noted that her other injuries (and there were plenty) were not in line with an accident.

Despite the discovery, the investigation fell by the wayside and police never made an arrest. “One day turned to two; two days turned to a month,” Hall said of waiting for the police to uncover information about her sister’s killer. And now she wishes that she would have pushed harder for information that would have helped bring her sister some kind of justice.

Jonathan Storm’s response to this moving anecdote? “That’s all nice, but can you answer my question?”

Apparently, Hall was perfectly poised in her reaction, responding reasonably that what she said had not been nice at all, then detailing her sister’s murder to make her point (if you’re so inclined, you can read the gruesome specifics here).

Hall herself seems to have brushed the encounter off. She did, however, thank some of her supporters on Twitter.

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