Joan Collins Is Now Officially a Dame 


Finally Queen Elizabeth has seen fit to recognize what we already knew: the proper way to address the regal Joan Collins is Dame Joan Collins.

That’s according to The Hollywood Reporter, which reports that the 81-year-old actress has been picked for the honor, which is the women’s equivalent of being knighted. (John Hurt will also become Sir John Hurt.) She told the BBC: “There’s nothing to compare to being a Dame and getting that kind of accolade from my country and my Queen. I am very patriotic and quite a Royalist, so it is extraordinary.” I like to imagine this remark delivered through one of those cunning little veils.

The honor is thanks for Collins’ dedicated work with several children’s charities, but we all know that her turn as Dynasty‘s Alexis Carrington was enough to earn her the title. Presumably her dossier is just a manila envelope stuffed with the following pictures. This is how great the woman looked in damn divorce court:

None of us will ever look this fab in an airport, sorry:

Just casually climbing out a car:

“You can’t wear hats? How sad for you.”

“You’re goddamn right I’m rocking this look. I’m Joan fucking Collins.”

Image via AP.

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