Jon Stewart Teaches Megyn Kelly a Thing or Two About Jokes


Maybe you’re sick of reading about Fox News’ Swarovski crystal anchorwoman Megyn Kelly and who can blame you. No one likes to see a network’s singular reasonable seeming-pundit go full O’Reilly so quickly, but there you have it. This is just what Fox News does.

To recap (in case you missed it or, like with The Christmas Carol, you’re just dying to hear it again), last week Kelly hosted a panel on her show about whether Santa Claus should be represented as any race but white. Stupidly, Kelly insisted that the only Santa is a white Santa and people got a little mad about it. Then, on Friday, Kelly addressed the controversy by saying she was only joking, even though she made her previous comments absolutely without special inflection, timing or humor. Oh, okay then.

The Daily Show‘s initial response to the controversy was a real thing of beauty (you see, Megyn? THIS is how you make jokes) and now, they’ve followed up and covered Kelly’s “I was only kidding” defense.

“I guess we all owe you an apology,” Jon Stewart replied, feigning sympathy. “What appeared to me to be another example of a Fox News segment expressing anger and victimization over the loss of absolute power and reframing that as persecution of real America by minorities, freeloaders and socialists — that’s trademarked by the way — what I thought was that was actually a jest, a jape, a little wisecrackery. ”

Big of you, Stewbeef.

The Daily Show
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Changing the topic to people worth celebrating for a moment, Haifaa Al Mansour, Saudi Arabia’s first female filmmaker, was last night’s guest!

The Daily Show
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