Jordyn Woods Agrees, Thinks She's Really Pretty

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Jordyn Woods has not had an easy month or so, as the Kardashian-Jenners (who were basically like her family) turned their back on her following rumors that she hooked up with Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy Tristan Thompson.

But Woods—who admitted Thompson kissed her at a party but denies that she did or would ever sleep with him—doesn’t have time to dwell in the past. At the very least, she seems to be feeling herself lately: Woods posted a series of selfies on her Instagram story on Wednesday (from what looks kind of like a photo or video shoot?) and a fan took a screenshot one of them and tweeted it at her, saying she “comes back looking like a whole meal.” Reader, Woods smashed that like button.

Who needs the Kardashian-Jenners? Woods is paving her way forward, one Instagram post at a time.

[Us Weekly]

Meanwhile, Tristan Thompson—whom Khloe has been steadily subtweeting for weeks for not being a good enough father—might actually give a shit and do something about it?? An unnamed source tells Hollywood Life that Thompson “wants his family back,” “has already started laying the groundwork,” and has “been calling Khloe a lot more.” None of these things say he’s apologized, but sure, it’s a start.

Thompson has apparently realized his actions—allegedly kissing his baby mama’s basically-sister and then being photographed with other women shortly after—have consequences:

“The reality of everything he is losing with Khloe and True is sinking in for Tristan, its hitting him now and hitting him hard. He’s realized he doesn’t want to lose his family,” a friend of Tristan’s tells EXCLUSIVELY.

Khloe might not be having it, though—and if he hoped planning a romantic getaway for the two of them would be a surprise, I guess it’s not anymore:

“Once his NBA season is over though, Tristan is really going to step it up, his goal is to get her to go away for a romantic vacation with him. He wants to show her how sorry he really is. He hasn’t asked her yet, she’s still too angry with him but he is that in a few more weeks of talking every day they’ll be at a place where she’ll agree to go, that’s his plan,” our source adds.

Sounds like the set-up to a romcom. What could possibly go wrong?

[Hollywood Life]

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