Judge Judy Is Unwitting Participant In Hilarious Prank Calls


There’s a Judge Judy soundboard – complete with audio clips broken up into questions, answers, and insults -that people have been using to make prank calls. Here are some of the best ones on YouTube.

The irony, or course, is that she would definitely not approve of this. (But she might secretly laugh.) The first one is just a random angry woman. The pictures used to accompany it make the whole thing.

In this one, “Judge Judy” calls a Sears-type retailer, asking for a television set. It’s great because the guy seems actually afraid of her.

This time, she calls Best Buy, looking for a television set, and the girl helping her is really confused.

In this last one, JJ calls a sales manager at some kind of health product company. He’s finally figures out that it’s Judy, but thinks it’s just someone doing an awesome impression of her.

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