Just Like Us Normies, Adele Has That One ‘Bloody Cool’ Teacher She Never Forgot

PSA: Find your favorite teacher on Facebook and give them their flowers.

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Just Like Us Normies, Adele Has That One ‘Bloody Cool’ Teacher She Never Forgot
Image:Kevin Winter (Getty Images)

Adele is really on a never-ending mission to make everyone on earth cry about something whether it be heartbreak, new love, or their favorite teacher. During her “An Audience With Adele” performance in London, the singer took a moment to reflect on her favorite grade school teacher after a very excited Emma Thompson asked her if there was anyone in particular who helped her when she was young.

Of course, it was all a lovely and elaborate setup to bring Adele’s former English teacher, Ms. McDonald, onto the stage and trigger a flow of tears from Adele and every former English nerd watching this who had in-depth conversations with their teacher about the Canterbury Tales.

This also serves as a wonderful moment to remember that teachers are wildly and obscenely underpaid. While it’s nice to be recognized by a celebrity you mentored, you don’t have to be a Grammy-winning artist to spread the love! Get your kid’s teacher something really, really nice this holiday season or find your old teachers and say something meaningful (If my old professor Steve is reading this, I hope you found it conversational. You know what I’m talking about!).

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