JWoww's Ex Continues To Abuse Her Long After Breakup


A couple of weeks ago, Tom Lippolis — who used to be the boyfriend of Jersey Shore‘s Jenni “JWoww” Farley — told Star magazine that she stabbed him in the arm with a steak knife. Now, Lippolis has filmed an “exclusive” video interview for Radar, in which he claims that JWoww maybe tried to kill herself shortly after the premiere of the first season of Jersey Shore.

When the show first aired in late 2009, viewers saw Farley make out with Pauly D, although she had a boyfriend at home (Lippolis). it was around this time that JWoww allegedly called Lippolis, crying, “saying that she had just swallowed a bunch of pills.” Lippolis says: “I don’t know whether she was insinuating that she was trying kill herself, or if she just wanted attention.” Lippolis says he rushed to see JWoww, and that she’d locked herself in the bathroom, but he talked her out.

The question is: Why the hell this guy is coming out with all this crap now — almost 2 years after the incident? Is it because the show is a huge success? Is it because JWoww is in a happy and seemingly healthy relationship? Is it because these media outlets are paying him? It’s unclear. But it might be because Lippolis is an abusive asshole, and talking shit about JWoww — inserting himself into her life and attempting to inflict pain — is part of the pattern of physical and verbal abuse pervasive in the relationship. JWoww has claimed that Lippolis pushed her down a flight of stairs, and says that when they were together, “He had control over my life… I felt like I created that monster.” The monster continues to attack, even though he and JWoww are no longer together.

JWoww, to her credit, has not responded to the stabbing accusation, nor has she commented on the “suicide” threat. Her Twitter feed is filled with love, positivity and workout goals, and the day Star reported the steak knife story, she had this to say:

Must be going thru a transition in life… Made my nails short… Hard to type lol been 10yrs since I had em this short.

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO INTERVIEW:Jersey Shore’s ‘J-WOWW’ InVicodin Suicide Drama [Radar Online]

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