Kari Faux Is Cool as Hell, So Is This '80s-Inspired Video


Kari Faux, a very cool young rapper from Little Rock, Arkansas, invokes Solid Gold and Soul Glo in this cheeky, soft-focus video for “Supplier,” a track so unbothered her flow sounds like it’s reclining with its feet up. This is the confidence that comes with knowing you’re so fly you don’t have to put forth any effort, one of the best qualities in a rapper—the ability to discern when going hard would be to your detriment.

Faux, whose Twitter bio is maybe the best ever (“i’m hot. i’m black. i control culture”), may be familiar to Childish Gambino fans from his remix of her track “No Small Talk,” another loping, too-cool jam over a thump that sounds like rolling slow through the neighborhood.

“Supplier” is featured on Faux’s forthcoming EP, Lost en Los Angeles.

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