Karl Lagerfeld RTW Fall/Winter 2010: Black, White, And Rad All Over


It is easy to roll one’s eyes at many of the things Karl Lagerfeld says. Yet it is nearly impossible to set those same eyes on his clothing and deny that the man is a master at work:

The entire collection was comprised of black, white, and silver garments, with the occasional flash of red, via lipstick and nails, adding a glam touch to the ensembles.

Here, we see the same coat in a longer view, coming and going.

The detailing in the collection is, as expected, exquisite, as seen in these buttons…

..and on this sleeve…

and in the precision of the cut-outs.

Everything is cut like a dream.

And the layering of the shiny leather leggings with a soft white lace gown is quite striking, as well.

Very Grace Kelly, if Grace Kelly lived in the year 2058.

Is it bad that my first thought upon seeing the hair-dos was “Oh! My hair can do that! I should do that!”

Probably not, as my second thought was, “Some things are probably best left on the runway.”

Ah, it looks as if I was mistaken: there appears to be a touch of brown in the collection, as well, courtesy of this skirt/leggings combo.

Another look at a skirt/leggings combination.

If I could, I’m pretty sure I’d wear this everyday for the rest of my life.

A closer view.

This entire outfit is very Billy Corgan circa 1996 and I love it.

And how adorable is this?

I’m predicting that this will be the piece that gets knocked-off the most, as it seems to be the most wearable.

Though I can see variations on this ensemble ending up in stores rather quickly, as well.

Oh, the buttons! So marvelous.

Beautiful, no?

And this is quite lovely, as well.

Back on the silver pants tip: do you think we’ll be seeing the knockoffs at Express again? And then totally denying that we want a pair but going to buy a pair anyway, just like everyone did in 1997?

Severe but exquisite.

Karl seems pleased (well, as pleased as he ever looks, I suppose). What did you think?

[All Images Via Getty.]

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