Kate Gosselin Absolutely Abhors Sarah Palin's Alaska


On last night’s episode, Kate and her eight kids joined the Palins for a cross-promotional freezing cold, rainy camping trip in the Alaskan wilderness. Kate was “miserable,” saying, “Why would you pretend to be homeless?” So she left.

The two women initially seemed to bond over complaints about the paparazzi on their respective properties, but that’s where their similarities ended. Even before the actual camping trip began, while taking a bear safety course that involved shooting guns, Kate was grumpy, and seemed to know that what she was about to do bordered on the ridiculous.

She was about as fond of the gun-toting Palins as this guy:

The two families had to take seaplanes to their camping destination, which was in the middle of nowhere. Kate was freezing and complained the whole time.

And she wasn’t a fan of moose dogs.

Her discomfort made everyone else uncomfortable, including Sarah, who persevered as long as she could with her trademark delusional optimism.

Eventually, Kate began to cry over the cold and lack of hand sanitizer, so she packed the kids up and left after a few hours. Sarah pretended to understand by saying, “I suppose if she took me to New York City or some red carpet event I’d be the same way.”

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