Kate Middleton's Sister Caught In Racy Photo Scandal


Photos of Kate Middleton’s sister, Pippa, wearing little more than a bra and underwear have recently surfaced on the internet and as you can imagine, it isn’t great news for anyone involved.

Still, CBS News Royal Contributor Victoria Arbiter doesn’t see what the fuss is about:

“When you’re the sister to the future queen of England, then it sort of kicks raciness up a notch.
“They were taken a couple of years ago. Yes, Pippa is in her underwear, but she’s not doing anything illegal. They’re the sort of pictures that crop up for pretty much any college student. It’s just unfortunate that Pippa’s learning about fame the hard way.”

When asked if she felt that the Queen was upset by these photos, Arbiter said:

“It’s not that she’s angry,” Arbiter said. “But by association, it’s embarrassing for the royal family. The week after the wedding, the queen would much rather us be talking about the fact that William took part in two mountain rescues this week (in his role as a military helicopter pilot). But instead, Pippa’s stunning. She made quite a splash at the wedding, and so, of course, that’s what we’re talking about. I’m sure (the queen is) going to be having a word to make sure these pictures are sat on and, hopefully, this will be the last we see of them.”

On the ‘upside’, apparently this landed Pippa’s “bottom” its own Facebook fan page, which has about “205,000 followers last time Arbiter checked”:

“It’s all in good taste,” she added. “There’s nothing vulgar or inappropriate. I think people are just having a bit of fun. And girls all over the world are wishing they had a bottom quite like Pippa’s!”

Racy photos of Kate’s sister, Pippa, in focus [CBSNews]

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