Kate Moss Officially "Fat"; Anthropologie Upset With Forever 21

  • 1. Kate Moss is fat. 2. Kate Moss is in. 3. Fat is in. Q.E.D. [Times of London]
  • Salma Hayek wore Balenciaga for her second wedding to Francois-Henri Pinault, head of PPR. [UK Elle]
  • Robin Givhan has a report on the lobbying trip made last week by Maria Cornejo, Jason Wu, and Narciso Rodriguez. The designers went to Washington, D.C., to argue for a law that would offer stricter protections against design piracy. “There’s a lot of misconception thanks to movies like Sex and the City or The Devil Wears Prada,” said Cornejo. “People think designers spend all this time swanning around. We don’t do much swanning.” Cornejo, who has only twelve employees, can’t compete directly with larger businesses on price. “The only way we can compete is with our ideas. That’s like my bank. So when someone steals my idea, it’s like they’ve put their hand in my bank. They’re taking ideas out of my head.” [WaPo]
  • Diane von Furstenberg hit the headlines late last week after a Canadian blog revealed striking similarities — down to the placement of darts and the distinctive raw edged collar — between a jacket by von Furstenberg’s company, and an earlier piece made by the Montreal label Mercy. Von Furstenberg, who has championed the expansion of copyright protection and attacked copy-catting in the past, is blaming the apparent knock-off on a member of her design team who is no longer with the company. “When I saw it on the Internet, I thought, The print is completely different. But then I saw something about the style with the bow, so I am not sure,” said von Furstenberg. “I am finding out the information, and I have asked my attorney to contact [Mercy’s designers] and say that we are investigating. I am mortified that something like that could happen here. I will do what is necessary to do, and if indeed there was an infringement, I will compensate and will use this example to make sure this doesn’t happen again — not just for me, but for everybody.” [WWD]
  • Meanwhile, in one of Forever 21‘s several ongoing court cases on knock-off allegations, the company founders were deposed for two whole days earlier this month. Anthropologie is suing the fast fashion chain for allegedly copying nine of its garments. [WWD]
  • That blonde lady with the nose has a new perfume. Wonder if they’ll box them in a collection? ‘The Nine Smells Of Paris Hilton.’ [NYDN]
  • Michelle Obama wears Rodarte. This makes me insanely happy, for some reason. [WWD]
  • Lily Cole, the doll-faced red haired model, spoke at a student-organized ethical fashion show at Cambridge University, where she studies. [Daily Mail]
  • Leggings: The Trend That Will Not Die. [WWD]
  • Serena Williams, tennis star/fashion designer, has more than 300 pairs of shoes, but can’t find a pair of jeans to fit. [NY Times]
  • And if you think those two facts aren’t connected, you’re dreaming. Shoes are easy to love, and their sizing doesn’t connote judgment. I can admit to refuging in a new pair of shoes after a mortifying defeat in some other wardrobe arena. Maybe that’s why shoe stocks are winners. Of course, in spending money on shoes, I am left with less to put in shoes. Now that’s an economic catch-22. [WWD]
  • Ever wonder idly about Marc Jacobs and Lorenzo Martone‘s relationships? No? Well, regardless, it turns out that Martone was the one who proposed, after having picked out matching rings at Jacobs’ favorite jeweler in Paris. Now that the designer has met his fiancé’s extended family in Brazil, it’s full steam ahead to the wedding. Martone likes the thought of St Bart’s in December. Don’t we all! [The Cut]
  • Kerry Washington already has her mind on gifts. “I’m not saying what I’m really going to get them — then it would ruin the surprise! If I could get him anything in the world, it would be a private jet so they could jet around all around the world to have fittings in the world with all the girls, stress-free!” [FWD]
  • Beyoncé gets dressed with the aid of Style.com. [Style.com]
  • Tim Gunn is set to receive an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, the Corcoran College of Art and Design, when he speaks at its commencement ceremony on May 23rd. [Blogging Project Runway]
  • Six people were arrested when police raided a warehouse full of $20 million worth of counterfeit goods in Brooklyn. [WWD]
  • Filene’s Basement, the much-loved discount department store, was acquired on April 21 by a company that specializes in liquidations, which could mean the 25-store chain will close. If Filene’s does meet that fate, it could imperil former sister company Discount Shoe Warehouse, which lent Filene’s millions of dollars. [WWD]
  • Sophie Dahl: “To everything there is a season; from 17 to 21 mine was the season of chocolate cake. I didn’t know how to eat within the boundaries of reason; instead I learned loudly through trial and error…I really don’t believe in cutting out food groups or subscribing to militant, forbidding diets. What I do believe in is moderation and balance, because both have served me well. The recipes in my book are all things I cook and eat. There are recipes for rainy, insatiable chocolate days and lighter things for the gossamer, less hungry summer evenings.” Now that’s a cookbook I would buy! [Daily Mail]
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