Kate Moss's World Tour, Rainbow Technicolor Dream Pants

Kate Moss‘s summer collection for Topshop — in stores and online today, folks — is, according to the store’s ad copy, inspired by the supermodel’s own summer travels. Take a gander at the looks and try to guess where in the world is Kate, after the jump.

On La Moss’s most recent trip to the Transparent Daywearian mainland, this $250 vaguely “ethnic” top was all the rage.

Outer Preggosia is just lovely this time of year, isn’t it? You can visit it for less than the cost of an OBGYN visit, at $70.

It’s a little-known fact that maxi dresses originate from a country where the ground is as clean and soft as a marshmallow, and no hem is ever damaged when it accidentally grazes the earth. I have yet to locate this particular Cockaigne myself. This one costs $160.

A $60 swimsuit with a little poufy skirt in front? Gotta be Japan.

Then there was that summer Kate spent hanging out at Oberlin, smoking cloves and this skank-ass weed from this one Canadian chick who was always holding, and talking about dialectical materialism and the appropriation of native cultural artifacts by the hegemonic mainstream. Then they’d make mud sculptures to honor our earth mother, and toke up with the Canadian again. She wore a lot of tie-dye then. A lot. (But none of it cost $80, like this shirt.)

These $90 pants? Instantly transport the wearer to a distant land called 1991.

Gladiator sandals mean Ms. Moss must have spent a day or three baking on the Peloponnesian sand. Or, you know, walking around SoHo last summer.

This sequin-spangled $250 halter neck jumpsuit commemorates Kate’s tour of duty as an entertainer in the night club of the cruise ship the Dancing Queen. Strangely, although her spirited renditions of “YMCA” and “Respect” were well-liked by the (largely drunken, Norwegian) crowd aboard, the six-week stint on the Caribbean Sea is often omitted from the supermodel’s so-called official biographies.

Everyone knows $90 rompers come from the land of Excretia, where no-one has to go. Ever.

Kate Moss For Topshop Summer 2009 Collection [Topshop]

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