Kathie Lee and Glenn Beck Are Sitting in a Tree R-E-L-I-G-I-O-N-I-N-G


Kathie Lee Gifford has recently made the bold move to expand her brand outside of her morning drunk fest with Hoda (who, by the way, will not be leaving the show, praise the Lord) by starting her own podcast called Kathie Lee and Company. Speaking of the Lord: She spent the good part of an hour Wednesday talking to Glenn Beck about their shared love of Evangelical pastor Billy Graham, their shared love of learning about religious history and their shared love of each other.

“You are really one of the true, there are very few, can count them on three fingers…the people in the media who have not lost their soul,” Beck said articulately at the end of his discussion with Kathie Lee. “You are remarkable. Remarkable.” What prompted such an outburst? First off, Glenn and Kathie Lee talked about how frustrating it is that modern people haven’t really read the Bible and how they don’t understand our American history. That’s okay, though. In the future, they will both be remembered as the hard-working freedom fighters they truly are:

Glenn Beck: We’ll say, they were all slaveowners, and so they had no concept, we can’t relate to them – You have to put yourself back into their frame of mind. Just like someday down the road people are going to have to represent people like you and people like me as fighting against murder, abortion.
Kathie Lee: Mmmmm.
Glenn Beck: You stand against abortion. Someday – we’re on the right side of this Kathie Lee – somebody’s going to look back on and say “They were slaughtering babies in the womb! How could you possibly –” Could you please recognize that many people, many people knew that it was wrong and stood against it. We’re doing the best we can.

There was also some stuff about how every person is a bright bold star and how (liberals) are ruining that:

Kathie Lee: They want to change the Bible, they would like to change the constitution, they want a customized constitution, a customized faith that’s just perfect for me. we can’t have it in healthcare! But we’re supposed to have that as believers.
What amazes me is God – you look at a snowflake. Every single snowflake is completely different, not one alike in the whole world, just like human beings, and God went into huge effort to make each one of us unique and different and precious and the world comes along and tries to cookie-cutter us back but you’re not saying the right things. You’re not marching in the army in the right way, you’re not politically correct…Tell our listeners what you told me earlier about political correctness.
Glenn Beck: Political correctness is Marxism. It has its roots in the Soviet Gulags.

Kathie Lee is also very well-read and well-traveled:

Kathie Lee: What you’re saying so validates what I learned on a recent trip to the Holy Land…Jesus was a stone mason.
Glenn Beck: Really? Wowwww.

She and Glenn are so connected they basically can finish each other’s sentences:

Kathie Lee: We’re wrong about almost everything!
Glenn Beck: And yet we’re such ego-maniacs!
Kathie Lee: …to think we know it all! And only you and I do.
Kathie Lee: And we’re also so humble!

And then some random outbursts like:

Kathie Lee: I’ll tell you, the Muslims do know their Koran!

Finally, these words are rich when coming out of Glenn Beck’s mouth:

Glenn Beck: We’re the most intolerant society ever.

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