Kell On Earth Finale: "There's A Lot To Be Learned From Kelly"


Last night’s season finale ended in tears—of joy! Kelly’s staff threw her a surprise birthday party, a gesture that made her emotional, after which she joked, “I think I’m gonna have to go outside, ’cause that’s my rule.”

Apparently, throwing a surprise party for Kelly is a really hard thing to do, because she’s always in everybody’s faces and cell phones, but Andrew and Stefanie managed to actually pull it off, while having their cake, and tasting it, too. When ordering Kelly’s birthday cake, they posed as an engaged couple in order to get a free cake tasting session. During their ruse, I could mentally hear “The Hustle” playing in the background the entire time, because a fitting soundtrack to a gay ‘n gal swindle involves disco, in my opinion, anyway.

Kelly was really surprised by her party, not really because it was a surprise but because of the gesture behind it. She said, “To have that kind of party was like a really big deal. I’m not used to that kind of love and that kind of group support.”

In the end, Kelly’s employees only had great things to say about her, which comes as no shock to regular viewers of this show, but perhaps to people who have only read about Kelly’s persona, or seen how she’s portrayed on shows like The Hills or The City. It goes to show that—particularly with female bosses—there’s sometimes a confusion between fear and respect.

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