Kellyanne Conway Can't Stop Saying 'Sexting'


Kellyanne Conway, counselor to Donald Trump, was back on Fox & Friends on Monday morning to garble up a bunch of words about the latest New York Times story, which revealed that the FBI had opened up an investigation into whether Trump was working on behalf of Russia. Conway somehow tried to claim that the report “confirms” Trump’s deep state conspiracy, including, curiously that agents at the “very tippy top” of the FBI were “sexting” each other:

Conway: It sort of confirms what the president has said all along about some of the rogue actors at the very tippy top of the FBI who are no longer there because they were fired and worse. Some of them were deemed to be leaking and lying, sexting each other, obviously, with their tremendous biases against this president.

Here Conway seems to be referring to former FBI employees Lisa Page and Peter Strzok, whose private text messages disparaging Trump have been central to conspiracy theories spread by the administration alleging an anti-Trump bias. Last February, Conway repeated the “sexting” line on Fox & Friends, but corrected herself, saying, “I mean texting,” which The Cut termed a “Freudian slip.” (At the time, Page and Strzok were rumored to be in a relationship, which they have since confirmed.)

Now Conway is just going right out there with “sexting each other, obviously.” Because, yes, “Sitting with Bill watching CNN” is a sext.

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