Kerry Washington Did Not Lie About What Was in Her Box


This funny game Jimmy Fallon and Kerry Washington played on Tuesday night’s Tonight Show is great but it’s nowhere near as great as the fact that THE SCANDAL PREMIERE IS ALMOST UPON US.

While I do my happy dance, you can learn how to play Box of Lies. The object of the game is to take a box from the wall and describe the object inside to your opponent, who can’t see what it is. You can either lie about it or tell the truth. The other person then has to say if you are lying or telling the truth. This is a game built on lies, mistrust and deviant deception, much like my relationship with the people who take my order at Taco Bell.

“In my box, is a pumpkin with spaghetti in it,” said Washington. Seems legit. But Fallon thought she was lying and ended up losing the whole game hahahaha. Washington is really good at this game, probably because she has spent so much time lying and pretending that Olivia Pope and President Grabby McDrinky Whiningston Fitz make a good couple. No they don’t. He is the literal worst.

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