Kevin Smith: Coverage Of Controversy Is "Pathetic"; Mary Kate Splits With Nate

  • Kevin Smith says the way the media covered him being kicked off a Southwest flight was, “Pathetic. I was unfairly bounced and discriminated against, but they never bothered to tell that story. They just went with the easy fat jokes.”
  • “It really sickened me that after all the years I’ve been so open with the press that they didn’t bother to dig at all,” Smith continued. “Every TV show imaginable asked me to go on, from Oprah to Larry King, but I turned them all down because I didn’t want to turn into Octomom. I told the Warners marketers — don’t put me in front of the cameras at the junket because you’re just gonna get four minutes of a guy screaming about an … airline.” [LAT]
  • Kelly Osbourne, who recently lost 40 pounds, says, “I took more hell for being fat than I did for being an absolute raging drug addict. I will never understand that.” [Us]
  • The parents of missing Growing Pains actor Andrew Koenig, Judy Levitt and Star Trek actor Walter Koenig, asked for help locating him during a press conference today. Koenig also addressed his son directly saying, “We just want to know you are OK. You don’t have to come back, just let us know you are OK.” [USA Today]
  • Andrew Koenig‘s former Venice, California neighbors say several weeks before his disappearance, “He cleared out his apartment. It started off as a garage sale, and eventually, he put everything out in front of the apartment, like he was giving it away.” [People]
  • Andrew Koenig‘s last known letter is a note addressed to “Solange” with instructions about a hide-a-way bed. [Radar]
  • A few weeks ago Andrew Koenig posted a video on his YouTube account about going on the run, but since he said it was a “spoof of shows like Alias and 24” it probably means nothing. [TMZ]
  • Sources say Denise Richards contacted an executive from Two and a Half Men and said she was worried about Charlie Sheen relapsing so she wanted someone to convince him to go to rehab. [TMZ]
  • A source says Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller did cocaine together and drank alcohol right before she entered rehab. “The one thing he and Brooke have in common is their love to party. They’re the Toxic Twins,” said the source. [Radar]
  • A celebrity marketing consultant says, “Marketers should stay away from Charlie Sheen in the near future. It was always fun to play on his bad-boy image, but it crosses the line when it becomes a domestic issue.” [Ad Age]
  • Leif Garrett pled not guilty to one felony count of heroin possession during his arraignment today. You can watch footage of his court appearance at the link, or wait to see it on the next season of Celebrity Rehab. [TMZ]
  • Outside the courthouse, Leif Garrett‘s attorney said, “He’s really upset about this arrest. We are fighting this case completely. Mr. Garrett is adamant that he was not under the influence. He believes he was unfairly targeted when they recognized him. He’s upset about this arrest. Unlike the last case, his state of mind is totally different,” adding, “If he was in possession, we believe it was an illegal search and that evidence will be thrown out.” [Radar]
  • Nancy Kerrigan‘s brother Mark, who has been in jail since he allegedly assaulted his father, posted his $10,000 bail today. He’ll live at his mother’s home under house arrest and is required to wear a GPS bracelet, submit to alcohol and drug screening, and get mental health counseling. A family spokesperson said, “The Kerrigan family is delighted to have Mark back with them.” [TMZ, People]
  • When returning from Venice last night, Jon Voight said his reunion with Angelina Jolie was “wonderful.” [TMZ]
  • A source says Elin Nordegren, “Never demanded [Tiger Woods] make the apology but it was a gesture he was willing to do.” [People]
  • Radar reports that Carrie Prejean has moved in with fiance Kyle Boller, and is therefore “living in sin.” [Radar]
  • The City of Beverly Hills has issued a statement denouncing Lauren Ashley, the woman who claims she’s Miss Beverly Hills, for making homophobic comments. “Ms. Ashley resides in Pasadena … She does not represent Beverly Hills in any capacity,” said the statement. [TMZ]
  • Clay Aiken will deliver a speech about gay rights in his hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina at the Human Rights Campaign Carolinas gala this weekend along with Meredith Baxter. [AP]
  • Mary-Kate Olsen has broken up with her boyfriend Nate Lowman. Her rep says, “It’s been a while.” Could this have something to do with the report that she was making out with Josh Hartnett? [Us]
  • George Clooney‘s Italian villa is up for sale and the Beckhams, who once stayed there as guests, may want to buy it. David Beckham reportedly said, “I have fallen in love with the beautiful countryside. It’s peaceful, quiet and near Milan. It would be great for the family.” [Daily Mail]
  • Eva La Rue has been ordered to dismantle a wooden gate she illegally constructed in front of her Glendale, California home. She says she built the gate to protect her and her daughter from a stalker. [LAT]
  • Though the Karate Kid remake won’t come out until June, in a “preview review” the L.A. Times that Jaden Smith (Will Smith‘s son) is “kind of adorable. But he’s also really little — so little we’re skeptical about buying him as a newly minted martial-arts hero. Boyish is one thing; child-like is another.” [LAT]
  • Pete Doherty‘s manager was sentenced with a year in jail after admitting to being involved in a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian in a coma. [Mirror]
  • Best headline of the day: “Leona Lewis unveils new tattoo on her back… a poetic tribute to horses” [Daily Mail]
  • Snoop Dogg has allegedly failed to pay the $598,309 he owes in back taxes. [Contact Music]
  • James Frey is working on nine different books using various pseudonyms and many suspect he’s “John Twelve Hawks,” author of the best selling Fourth Realm Trilogy sci-fi series. [N.Y. Post]
  • There’s a new creditors claim against Michael Jackson‘s estate today — will ever end? [TMZ]
  • Snooki‘s upcoming appearance at James Madison University has sold out, even though the Facebook page promoting the event had to be taken down after students posted racist comments. [Radar]
  • When asked to name her biggest fashion faux pas on Jersey Shore, J-Woww said, “Oh! Everything on the show. I was really sick during the shooting of it. I ended up going to the doctors and the hospital, but they don’t show it. So, like, everything!” She added, “I have chubby ears, so I gotta wear my earrings.” [Us]
  • Check out fashion photographer Terry Richardson‘s portrait of Jersey Shore‘s Pauly D here: [Terry’s Diary via N.Y.Magazine]
  • Kellan Lutz has signed on as PETA’s spokesperson for the “Adopt, Don’t Buy” campaign. He says his adopted dog Kola is, “My best friend… There are countless numbers of animals out there. It’s our job to take them under our wing.” [People Pets]
  • The Dream says Christina Milian is expected to have their baby by Sunday. “The baby already has a car, I got a house just for the baby – Christina can’t get in the baby’s car. I’m giving all my attention that I usually give to Christina to the baby, all the flowers I usually give Christina, I’m giving them to the baby,” he said. “It’s a girl, Violet will be her first name. I’m not telling you the middle name, you gon’ get me in trouble.” [ONTD]
  • Johnny Depp says he’s glad he got his bad behavior out of his system when he was young. “Luckily I went down the (destructive) rabbit hole early on and now the rabbit hole is a different animal altogether, because my main focus is my kids and my family. I’m much calmer than I was years ago and that has a lot to do with raising a family, so my kids have calmed me 100 per cent,” he said. [Daily Express]
  • Helena Bonham Carter says of her husband/Alice In Wonderland director Tim Burton, “There’s no inner child. It’s all outer, honestly. That’s him. Our kids are slowly, quickly overtaking him, actually. He’s at play when he’s directing, and it’s fun to watch. He’s got a lot of glee. That’s why he and Johnny get on so well, because they’re kids.” [AP]
  • Susan Boyle‘s brother Gerry says, “The traveling and the whole [fame] thing is exhausting. She still has her anxieties and her loneliness.” Her brother John added, “She needs 24-hour care. She needs to be looked after.” Maybe discussing this with People isn’t the best way to get her help. [People]
  • Adam Lambert says of Susan Boyle, “I’m happy for her success, but that album is terrible. “Wild Horses” is the one that made me laugh the hardest. I just died when I heard it, I was crying with laughter. It was the most horrendous, sacrilegious treatment of that song!” [The Sun]
  • Simon Cowell says of the rumors that Howard Stern will replace him on American Idol, “I really like Howard. I think he’s winding everybody up at the moment. You know, I think if you’re really serious about the job, you don’t do it publicly.” [Extra]
  • While in New York, Rosario Dawson said, “In L.A. you have to drive to the museum, which can be a real pain. All I ever see are billboards. Here, you could walk past, say, the Tenement Museum, and be like, ‘Hey, let’s check that out.’ That’s just something amazing that’s so New York.” []
  • Though Jenny McCarthy and Jim Carrey declared repeatedly that they would not get married, Jenny now says, “We say ‘never,’ but I don’t know. Maybe for tax purposes, someday, when we are old.” [Us]
  • Patti LaBelle says she was asked to be a judge on American Idol before Paula Abdul, but she said no. “Some of the judges, I don’t think they’re qualified to even judge,” she said. [USA Today]
  • Matthew Fox and Jorge Garcia discuss the recently-revealed mysteries on Lost here: [People]
  • Emilie de Ravin says of her character on Lost befriending Smocke, “He’s the only one who didn’t abandon her, so there’s such a strong bond there now.” [LAT]
  • Pierce Brosnan says his second wife Keely Shaye Smith, encouraged him to remember his first wife Cassandra Harris, who died of ovarian cancer in 1991. He says, “We talk about her (Harris). I am blessed with my wife, Keely, who has always been remarkably kind and compassionate. Cassie is remembered with great love, remembered dearly. Keely has always accommodated that, and we have now been together 17 years. You know, I have the luck of the Irish. I’ve had great luck in finding a partner.” [Daily Express]
  • Jeff Bridges says of Crazy Heart, “I had a great time making that movie. It had such wonderful music – all those pop and jazz classics. And on Crazy Heart, while the script was great, [in the early stages] there was no music attached to it, so I took a pass on it. But then, about a year later, my friend [the musician and songwriter] T-Bone Burnett said he was interested in doing the music, and I said, ‘Oh God, let’s go!’ So a lot of the songs were written especially for me.” [The Telegraph]
  • Gabourey Sidibe says of her Oscar nomination, “I’ve been referred to as ‘the dark horse’ of the category, and that’s cool. I’m just really excited to be there. I feel like everyone else is just saying that they’re excited to be nominated, and I really am.” [CBS News]
  • Mary J. Blige says she had to walk out of Precious because, “I couldn’t do it anymore. It was making me regress. I lived a lot of things from Precious. A lot of people know my story from the child molestation to me turning into a suicidal person. I’ve seen some family members and friends actually live the depth of what Precious went through to the T. I know what that pain is, I know what that food is, I know the smell of those houses, I know the curse words going through her head every day that her mom called her.” [Daily Express]
  • Rihanna says of her video for “Rude Boy,” “It’s really colorful; it’s a pop art video. We shot it all on green screen. Everything was done in post-production. It’s really colorful, really energetic. It was really inspired by my Caribbean roots. I love reggae music. ‘Rude Boy’ is a Jamaican term, so our costumes are dancehall-queen-like. It’s a fun video. Probably the most fun video we’ve done so far.” [ONTD]
  • Chris Brown says, “As a kid and even now like I’ve never been a troublemaker, or someone who is like all about negativity like, um, I had a major hiccup and a major mistake that I am paying for and I am remorseful for, but like I’ve always been a good person, so, not to brag or toot my own horn, but it’s just me naturally. So like I wouldn’t expect anything less from me like but to show people that I’m a positive guy.” [Perez]
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