Kickstarter for ‘All-Female’ Miniatures Reaches $12K Goal in Seconds


There are plenty of shitty Kickstarter projects (depending on your tolerance for New Jersey, Zach Braff’s Garden State follow up is among them), but there are also plenty of great Kickstarter projects. Take the “Raging Heroes” Kickstarter, which was initially looking to cobble together $12,000 in order to produce 150 extremely detailed female warrior miniatures. The miniatures were to be divided into three separate armies, making for a pretty grand role-playing game of total galactic warfare. The project caught on quickly, reaching its $12K goal in a mere 30 seconds (!) before going on to rake in over $300,000 from 1,400 backers.

Raging Heroes is a design studio based in France. You can tell by its Kickstarter page that the studio is really, really thrilled by its lightning-fast funding success, though the nearly-eight-minute trailer for “The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy” features the questionable tagline, “You should never, ever upset a woman” (groan), and the characters are pretty much all dressed in the impractical chain-mail bikinis that seem to adorn all female fantasy and sci-fi characters.

Raging Heroes — The Toughest Girls of the Galaxy [Kickstarter]

[Boing Boing]

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