Kids Wait Hours to Meet Elsa, Get Angry George Washington Instead


If there’s one thing that makes childhood magical (aside from being able to shit yourself and having someone else clean it up), it’s meeting your favorite Disney characters for the first time. But sometimes those characters disappoint. And sometimes disappointment’s not even the correct word. Sometimes it’s just a mixture of sadness, anger and shame.

The below picture was taken by a mother at an unidentified Barnes & Noble (let’s have a hand for the bookstores!) who took her kids to meet the main characters of Disney’s Frozen. Unfortunately, what they were greeted with was a woman in a Founding Fathers wig, that one prom dress you’ve seen in every movie about prom in the 90s and that amazing expression that says “No, FUCK YOU! I don’t want to build a snowman. I want to smoke cigarettes and watch my stories, okay? Is that okay with you? It’s the middle of August. Fuck your snowman, kid!”

Actually, the expression Elsa has got going on here looks suspiciously like the one I had that one time my parents forgot Christmas and then tried to pass off a trip to the (free) park as our present. There’s a picture of my brother climbing a rock happily (because he was dumb and cared about shit like family togetherness) while I stand below and just side-eye the entire situation angrily. That’s what this looks like, although I am certain the expression is meant to say “Let it go, let it go, can’t hold it back anymore” rather than “I am slightly constipated and wonder if this store sells Fleet enemas.”

According to the Imgur thread where this photo popped up, the Elsa in this picture is a volunteer who belongs to a cosplay group. If anonymous internet strangers are to be believed (sure, why not? It’s Wednesday!), several posters say they tried to help Elsa come up with a better costume, but she thought she looked fabulous and was just going to sell it on the attitude. Which I can respect. That’s the same kind of thinking I had when I used to perform in a gold glitter hat at the senior center. (Pro tip: Maybe don’t sing Cabaret at the senior center. There’s a line in there that goes “start by admitting from cradle to tomb it isn’t that long a stay” which probably isn’t appropriate.)

At least the kids look happy!

Update: This volunteer is representing Volunteer Princesses, a group that provides entertainers for events. The woman depicted in the photo does not generally play Elsa and, according to the group’s Facebook page had to put her costume together very quickly. Here is a photo of her smiling with the children.

Lead image via Imgur

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