Kim Kardashian on Bruce Jenner's Transition: "She's Beautiful"

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Kim Kardashian, who reportedly is one of the first people who knew about Bruce Jenner’s transition close to a decade before anyone else did, has seen “her” and says “she’s beautiful.”

“It was amazing,” she told Billy Bush of Access Hollywood, who interviewed KK as part of a special set to release on May 18 (portions of which the Today show will borrow to air as well, because the media is weird). Kim also hints that she knows “her” name, and that the Kardashian-Jenner family is in the midst of a powwow to ensure the transition is handled sensitively, and that any discussion of it also respects the transgender community.

So really: nothing snarky to say about this—just a touching story about a family pulling together through what must be a very challenging (yet rewarding) time.

[Access Hollywood]

The Billboard Music Awards could also sell itself as ‘Outtakes Chrissy Teigen keeping shit real’ and it still would have brought an entire arena full of people together to watch GIFs of her rolling her eyes (HARD) and tripping random people on repeat. [Complex]

Cribs and baby beds: to the left, to the left. Milla Jovovich and her brood sleep in a “family bed,” which means that she, her husband and two kids all snooze, snuggle, and fart in their dreams (if models fart) together, sans “electronic distractions and high-tech baby equipment.” Seriously? Doesn’t sound that bad at all. [Page Six]

Jared Leto and Margot Robbie made out. [Just Jared]

Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron: newfound BFFs. [Design & Trend]

•Looks like Bruce Jenner is expecting another grandchild via his son Brandon; this time, they’re expecting a ‘burrito.’ [Us Weekly]

Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend is fighting her family for the chance to see her. [People]

•In Chinx’s passing, he leaves a wake of angry chicks on the side. [Bossip]

•Tidal strong: Jay Z just threw Apple, Spotify and YouTube under the bus in promotion of his premium service. Ironic because they all play/sell/stream his music, no? [Time]

•But he’s also reported bailed out multiple protestors in Baltimore, so it’s hard to fault him for much else. [Yahoo!]

•Tinder is not all Hilary Duff thought it was cracked up to be. [People]

•Meanwhile, sister Haylie showed off her kid’s legs on Instagram, as you do. [Us Weekly]

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