Kim Kardashian West is Bringing Her Serious Lawyer Voice to True Crime

Kim Kardashian West is Bringing Her Serious Lawyer Voice to True Crime

Kim Kardashian West, reality star, entrepreneur, and culture vulture is adding a new job title to her non-existent business card. According to the Wall Street Journal, Kardashian West will be the next big voice in the world of true crime podcasts thanks to the overlords at Spotify. The podcast, which will be exclusively available on Spotify, “will follow the work of television producer Lori Rothschild Ansaldi as she investigates the case of Kevin Keith, who was convicted of three murders in 1994,” the Journal reports. Ansaldi will co-produce and co-host the show along with Kardashian West, who will bring the expertise gained from tireless work of learning about the law by watching someone else practice law instead of, you know, going to law school. School is for squares!

When I try to think about what it may sound like to listen to Kim Kardashian West narrate a true-crime store, I suddenly appreciate the fact that I’m hard of hearing and can just shut off my hearing aid at any given moment to lessen the sound of Kardashian West. It’s hard to imagine a person who was taking selfies while her sister was going to jail understands the full complexity of the criminal justice system, let alone be able to feign interest in a murder trial that took place when she was fourteen. Even more curious is that Kardashian West is tackling a trial from ‘94 when she could have easily sold a podcast to Spotify discussing one particularly wild case from 1995.

Regardless of Kardashian West’s affiliation with this endeavor, there is no reason to have another true-crime podcast in a market that is oversaturated with crime content. Kardashian West’s podcast will be distributed through the Parcast network, according to The Verge. Parcast podcasts include Solved Murders, Serial Killers, Today in True Crime, Sports Criminals, Unexplained Mysteries, Kingpins, Crimes of Passion, Female Criminals, and Not Guilty just to name a few. That’s only one network for fuck’s sake! Pick a different topic.

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