Kimberly Guilfoyle's Cinco de Mayo Was Memorable, to Say the Least

Kimberly Guilfoyle's Cinco de Mayo Was Memorable, to Say the Least

Kimberly Guilfoyle got in touch with her Latina roots on Cinco De Mayo in true Trumpian fashion: Calling for a wall between the United States and Mexico and making a sad-looking Mexican lasagna.

The former Fox News host, current girlfriend of Donald Trump Jr, and National Chair of the Trump Victory Finance Committee led a Latinos for Trump Online event Tuesday evening, which can be best described as sycophantic cheerleading for an administration that actively antagonizes Latinx people in the United States and abroad. The only thing that made it worse was Guilfoyle’s Laker gold and purple blouse.

Guilfoyle was joined by a bleak crew of Trump devotees: Betty Cardenas, the National Chairwoman of the Republican National Hispanic Assembly; John Sanchez, former lieutenant governor of New Mexico; and Matt Gomez, a member of the Latinos for Trump advisory board who is really into guns.

“Since taking office, President Trump has been a champion for millions of Latinos that make our country so great,” Guilfoyle began. “And tonight, in celebration of Cinco de Mayo, we want to recognize the great contributions and achievements made by Mexican Americans.”

How they celebrated those contributions and achievements was grim. Guilfoyle then opened the floor up for conversation as to why “Sleepy Joe Biden” isn’t the right candidate for Latinos; answers ranged from “We’re realizing our conservative values are being honored [by Trump],” “[Obama-Biden] empowered the enemies of Israel,” and “[Trump is giving us] the hand-up, not the handout that Sleepy Joe Biden is talking about.”

“Latinos have never done better than under President Trump,” Guilfoyle said. And on it went, demonizing undocumented immigrants and touting Trump as savior and friend of Mexico along the way.

And what better way of celebrating Cinco De Mayo than with “build the wall” alarmism?

“That’s why we are building the wall, to keep everybody safe, including people trying to come over who feel desperate,” Guilfoyle said. “ We see these, like, human and drug traffickers preying on—the cartel, really—relying on people’s vulnerabilities [and saying], ‘We will give you a promise of this’ while taking their money and endangering their lives. Thanks to President Trump and working cooperatively with our friends in Mexico, we’re going to shut that down!”

If this declarative statement doesn’t end the cartel, then maybe her Cinco De Mayo-themed dinner will.


Featuring “Mexican lasagna.”


And homemade queso.


With a dollop of why-the-hell-is-she-wearing-boots-in-the-house on the side.

This really kept America great for one more day.

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