King Tut's Tomb Has No Extra Rooms, No Hidden Glittering Loot, and No Nefertiti

In Depth

In a disappointing turn of events, despite speculation, King Tut’s tomb appears to have no secret chambers that might or might not lead to another important Egyptian’s magnificent final resting place, which means that we’re definitely not going to swing open the door to find his stepmother Nefertiti.


NPR, hit us with the bad news:

The famed boy pharaoh appears to have been buried without any other members of the royal family, according to the findings of a three-year-long radar study of the funeral chamber, according to the Egyptian Antiquities Ministry. The discovery was announced Sunday, at the fourth annual International Tutankhamun GEM Conference in Giza, Egypt.
The recent analysis puts an end to the controversial theory that the tomb first belonged to long-lost Queen Nefertiti, who’s believed to be Tutankhamun’s stepmother, aunt and mother-in-law. It was conducted as a joint effort with the National Geographic Society and spearheaded by Franco Porcelli from the Polytechnic University of Turin.

Really could have used this win, Egyptology.

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