Knock Knock [Who's There] Baby [Baby Who] Baby Number 3


At one point in time Kim Kardashian did not have any babies. Then, suddenly, she had one. Later, she had a second. And now, finally, she has a third. Funny how a human can not exist one minute and then, poof, there they are. Alive. Breathing. Crying. Being written about on TMZ.

The reality star/perfume genius and her husband Kanye West said hello to their new baby girl for the first time Monday morning when she was delivered by a surrogate. In a statement, the mother of three said she is “incredibly grateful” to the unnamed woman, adding that North and Saint “are especially thrilled to welcome their baby sister.”

Kim chose to use a surrogate in part because she has suffered from placenta accreta, a condition in which the placenta refuses to detach from the uterine wall after giving birth. She called the delivery of Saint “the most painful experience of [her] life.”

The baby’s name has yet to be revealed, but I’m assuming it will be monosyllabic and quirky—a nice little word that’s usually reserved for something other than human identities. Something like Sky. Beam. Ray. Or, who am I kidding, it’s probably going to be named Donda.

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