LAPD Investigating Uber Driver for Sexual Assault


An off-duty Uber driver has been accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. The LAPD told Buzzfeed that the driver has not been arrested and that the investigation is ongoing.

Buzzfeed reports:

According to police, a friend set up an Uber ride for the woman Saturday night. The driver responding to the ride request asked her to stand at the corner of Overland Avenue and Palms Boulevard.
While she was waiting, another man who is a driver for Uber pulled up and asked if she needed a ride. Uber confirmed he was not working at the time, police said.
After the woman got into the car, the driver allegedly sexually assaulted her before dropping her off, police said

The company, who Buzzfeed notes is cooperating with police, has faced allegations like this before: back in December, a Boston Uber driver was charged with kidnapping and assault.

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