Laraine Newman And Cast Of Baby Boomers Star In Girls Season 38


What would a 65-year-old Hannah Horvath be like? According to original SNL cast member, Girls fan and (non-porn) parody star Laraine Newman, about the same. The self-proclaimed love letter to the show also features Wendie Malick, Mindy Sterling (from Austin Powers) and Martin Starr as a younger proto-Adam.

Newman was reluctant to play Hannah at first: “I’ve had two nine-pound babies and I’m fat. If I was going to reconcile this, I would just have to think of my body as a clown suit. Yes, that was going to work for me. So, ladies and gentlemen, what you are about to see is me taking a big fat leap of faith. I am not Lena Dunham with all of her courage and bravado. I just play her in a web parody.”

Where is Wallace Shawn as a love interest? Where is he as a love interest on the ACTUAL Girls, for that matter? Can’t he be someone’s adorable stepdad like he was on Gossip Girl? Maybe we should start a petition.

[via HuffPo]

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