Laser Treatment Ensures That You Will Never Have Pit Stains Again


Is your life a constant reenactment of the 90s commercials for Sure deodorant? (If you’ll recall, the ads contrasted how freely and happily one could move their arms around with the oh-so-embarrassing life of a sweaty person.) Well, there’s a new way to get rid of those pit-stains for good.

A new procedure called Axilase uses a laser to destroy your sweat glands in less than an hour. While it’s currently being performed by one sole doctor in the country and on a mere twenty patients so far, the results are leading to a sweat-free life for those who have a real sweating problem.

Kris suffers from Hyperhidrosis (aka excessive underarm sweating) which essentially means that her sweat glands are constantly set to overdrive. She says the only times she wasn’t sweating was when she was sleeping. Kris longed to wear tight-fitting clothes — instead of the baggy sweatshirts that would hide her sweat marks — and decided to give the new procedure a try.

Two weeks after the surgery, Kris is happy to be “going out wearing something tight” and considers herself “healed, and not sweating.” While the doctor who performs the processed states that the procedure is better than botox, the procedure is still brand-new. Would you take a chance on a laser — that we should mention, costs $3,000 — to rid yourself of pit-stains forever? Or is this something that should be limited to those with a real condition?

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