Lauren Boebert Accused of ‘Seducing’ Married Man Who Worked at Her Gun-Themed Restaurant

“Do you mind if I buy him this $700 golf club for his birthday?" Jennifer Martinez told the Daily Mail Boebert once asked her. "I can say it’s from you.’’

Lauren Boebert Accused of ‘Seducing’ Married Man Who Worked at Her Gun-Themed Restaurant
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It’s been quite a ride over the last couple of months for Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Co.), between her divorce, her impending status as a grandmother at age 36, reports about her son’s calls to the police over his dad’s alleged abuse, and having an ex-WWE wrestler prove via DNA test that he’s not her father. And now, this: Speaking to the Daily Mail for a report published Thursday, a Colorado woman claims that while her estranged husband worked for Boebert at Boebert’s since-closed gun-themed restaurant, Shooter’s Grill, the Congresswoman “literally seduced my husband with money and gifts.” The woman, Jennifer Martinez, even says her husband, Matt Archambault, “was more involved with her and her kids than he was with me and our son.”

Over the course of several years, Martinez and Boebert developed an adversarial relationship, and the feud between them apparently reached a fever pitch in 2018, when both women threatened to take out restraining orders against each other. Boebert eventually did, after Martinez wrote “demonic whore/fake” on Boebert’s driver’s license and showed up at Boebert’s mother’s house.

Martinez described Boebert as a “bad, bad woman” to the Daily Mail and claimed the Congresswoman “ruined my life.” A police report obtained by the outlet shows Martinez even alleged that Boebert once threatened her with a gun.

Martinez also recalled an interaction with Boebert soon after Archambault began working for Boebert’s restaurant, in which Boebert called and asked, “Do you mind if I buy him this $700 golf club for his birthday? I can say it’s from you.’’

“And I was like, ‘’No, it’s okay we’ve already gotten him a birthday gift.’ If you have to call me to ask if that’s appropriate it’s probably not appropriate,” Martinez told the tabloid.

From there, similar incidents continued to arise—around one Christmas, Boebert offered to fly Archambault to Texas to see a football game, allegedly bought Archambault cruise tickets, and the two came to spend more and more time together. “She started inviting him up to her house to cook for her. It was just so inappropriate,” Martinez said. “And he’d be gone ‘working’ all the time. Then I’d find out he wasn’t even at the restaurant, he was up at her place.” Martinez noted that Boebert’s then-husband, Jayson Boebert, “was an oil fielder and gone a lot,” and in his absence, “Matt would be up there cooking at the house when her husband wasn’t there.”

“I tried not to be a jealous person, but I heard that she and Jayson had their own jealousy problems within the marriage at that time,” Martinez told the tabloid. At the end of April this year, Boebert filed for divorce from Jayson, who admitted to being surprised by this, and allegedly threatened the process server who served him divorce papers. Prior to the incident with the process server, Jayson, whose criminal record includes facing arrest for allegedly exposing himself to teen girls at a bowling alley, also faced domestic violence charges early in his relationship with Boebert.

In 2018, ahead of Boebert announcing her bid for Congress, Martinez stalked Boebert, following her to her mother’s house, where she allegedly harassed Boebert’s family. Martinez wound up being the one to call the police first, and according to a police report obtained by the Daily Mail, she told police she had been “terrorized by [Boebert],” alleged Boebert had “threatened [her] with a gun,” and referred to the Congresswoman as a “nightmare” and a “little manipulator.” The incident at Boebert’s mother’s house prompted the Congresswoman to seek and obtain a restraining order against Martinez.

Boebert and Archambault have both denied sharing a sexual or improper relationship. In a previous statement announcing her divorce last month, Boebert said she’s “always been faithful in my marriage, and I believe strongly in marriage.”

Archambault told the tabloid he and Boebert “were good friends” who “were together all the time,” admitting that he “spent a lot of time at their house, hanging out with her, helping her, as a friend would do.” But, he says, “there was nothing sexually, no. We were real close at one time, but it never got to that point. Lauren’s a pretty faithful girl.”

“Me and Lauren were a great team. We did awesome things together. There was so much more positive than negative,” Archambault said, “but it got negative towards the end and a lot of the disrespect that ended up happening between me and Lauren came from my ex and what happened.”

The allegations from Martinez come amid Boebert and Jayson’s newly public separation, and a generally fraught time for Boebert and her family, as the Congresswoman, her ex-husband, and even her kids have been in headline after headline lately. I will say, in light of this little update from Martinez, it’s certainly interesting that Boebert placed such emphasis on denying any affair in her divorce announcement in May.

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