Let's Check in on This Stormy Daniels-Roseanne Barr Debate Over Anal 


By 3:30 AM EST on Friday morning, the Twitter storm “Roseanne Barr v. Stormy Daniels” rumbled across social media, sparked by shit-flinging over anal sex, sweeping up a whirlwind of misogyny, and ending in thunderous clap black. Patricia Arquette and Chrissy Teigen were there. Accounts have been suspended, and tweets deleted, so we’ll have to cobble together the origin story from the blogs.

Earlier in the week, Roseanne Barr had curiously floated a trial balloon, informing her followers to blame Daniels for the state of news media today:

Separately on Thursday morning, Stormy Daniels countered a now-unavailable insult Tweet:

Which sparked a thread, including a tweet by Sassy Southern Diva (@ChapelHillDiva) reading:

You’re disgusting and do not represent classy women AT ALL! Your fifteen minutes of fame will be up soon and we will all be thrilled when that day comes!

To which Patricia Arquette supposed that, by Sassy Southern Diva’s definition of “classiness” presumably based on stereotypes about sex work, would not Daniels’s classlessness also implicate the President?

Roseanne sees her window and fires!! claiming that Daniels is “known for anal porn scenes,” which is baffling because the name “Stormy Daniels” is contingent primarily with “Donald Trump,” secondarily with hot lawyer:

Patricia aboard (now past midnight in Los Angeles):

This is a job if there ever was one for erstwhile Roseanne fan Chrissy Tiegen, who’s tangoed before:

But don’t test a seasoned pilot who’s been navigating these waters for months, if not forever:

The lesson: thou shall not pass judgement without watching the whole porn.

Or slut-shaming isn’t really a “point”?

Or once again, thanks, Roseanne, for adhering to the issues.

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